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2013 Pinot Noir "Appellation's Edge"

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Radian Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills

Winemaker's Notes:

It's no longer a secret; growing Pinot Noir in the cool western end of the Sta. Rita Hills leads to wines of great intensity. With Appellation's Edge being about as western end as you can get, intensity is probably an understatement. In a year, 2013, that gave us a slew of stunning Pinots, "Edgy's" slow ripening fruit once again delivered the ethereal. Dark, dense, chunky, yet elegant, this vineyard continues to make some of the most amazing wine in the Appellation. It's not just girth that makes Edgy so impressive. It's the fine-tuned side of it's fruit that is haunting.

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100% Pinot Noir, Radian Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills