2018 Soulstruck, Grenache Blanc

$ 12.00

Both of our Soulstruck Blancs, (Grenache Blanc & Sauvignon Blanc), have mesmerizing, almost teasing varietal characteristics that speak to my soul.  A couple of years ago I did a Grenache Blanc, and like this one, it was from, shall I say, "spot market" fruit over at Camp 4 in Santa Ynez.  In other words, it was made from fruit that just couldn't seem to find a home, until that is, my phone rang. There is very little Grenache Blanc planted in Santa Barbara County, so I was surprised at its late season availability.  It looked great, and of course the price was right, so I took it.  If you remember, we delivered it under a Babcock label at a great price, and it was a hit.  Afterwards I thought, 'That's the last time I'll see that deal.' Then 2 years went by, and my phone rang again.  So here we are with round two of a very expressive, crisp, delicious cuvee that conjures up thoughts of many of the delicious whites that are made from off-beat varieties in the French Languedoc.  Will my phone ring again this year?  I certainly hope so.