"Pinot Noir wine making at Pelican Ranch Winery has been successful because we stand on the shoulders of a viticulture giant. This individual is Bryan Babcock, and since 2004, we have annually obtained his extraordinarily, stunning Pinot Noir fruit. In fact, I consider Bryan to be a rock star in the farming of Burgundy type grapes. For starts, he has a spectacular understanding of how to tame the terroir in his vineyard. Furthermore, he has introduced a steady stream of innovations designed to steer the fruit from bud break to harvest. At picking, Bryan’s grapes always possess the correct basic chemistry accompanied by unbelievable flavors. Without question, the best Pinot cuvee we produce each vintage comes from his vineyard!"

 -Phillip Crews, PhD, Owner &Winemaker, Pelican Ranch Winery, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry U.C. Santa Cruz


""I have been working with fruit from Bryan Babcock's vineyard, in one context or another, since 1998 and I continue to be blown away by the quality and remarkable consistency he is able to maintain.  If I need to show off what the Sta. Rita Hills is capable of to a critic or a distributer I always reach for a bottle of my Pinot Noir from Babcock Vineyard."

 -Mark Crawford Horvath, Winemaker/Partner, Crawford Family Wines

From 30 Years of Experience

ULTRA PREMIUM STA. RITA HILLS PINOT NOIR/                                             SMALL LOTS AVAILABLE

Interested parties, contact Bryan Babcock