Best Santa Barbara Wineries to Visit

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Hippest tasting room ever? Babcock's hangar-sized "retro-rock-and-roll" venue in Lompoc is chockablock with vintage photos, antler chandeliers, mid-century furnishings, board games and a party atmosphere. The old tasting room is now the cozy, funky "Soul-Struck Lounge" for private events. For those who'd like to base themselves here, Bryan Babcock's own handsome Mediterranean house is available, B&B-style. Best of all for fans: The Pinots and Chardonnays.  Read more.



Driven by Beauty: Babcock Winery Event Aimed at Enthusiasts of All Things "Vintage"

The Santa Barbara News Press

At Babcock Vineyards in the Sta. Rita Hills, near Lompoc, the wine is the main attraction. Bryan Babcock, who’s been growing wine here since the early 1980s, is easily considered one of the top winemakers in Santa Barbara County. The wines he produces, wines like pinot noir and chardonnay, are lauded by consumers and colleagues alike. Read more



A Visit to California’s Most Unlikely Wine Town

Los Angeles Magazine

Babcock Winery & Vineyards’ vintages include not only wines but also classic vinyl in its Soulstruck Lounge. Mostly unstriped as it parallels the Santa Ynez River southeast of Lompoc, Santa Rosa Road leads to several wineries in a classic California farming valley. If the curves don’t slow you down, a tractor probably will.

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SB People

Wine Country Power Pair

Santa Barbara Magazine

Passion for life experience and meaning ins probably the most common thread to compel artist of any medium. For Bryan Back and his wide, Lisa Boisset-Babcock, it’s there love that brought them to Santa Barbara.

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7 Best Wineries To Visit In California For Your Bestie's Bachelorette Party

Elite Daily

Book your group for the Soulstruck Lounge at Babcock and send your bride souring into the roaring times of rock 'n roll. This place is beyond perfect, and you ladies need to experience it for yourselves.

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Babcock Winery straddles deep history and imagined future

San Francisco Chronicle The Press

Babcock Winery’s styles vary wildly, verging on Willie Wonka-esque. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir hold down the fort, but Bryan Babcock also makes Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Grenache Blanc as well as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Grenache. Most sport the Babcock label, but there are also wines bottled under the labels Grape Hunters and Soulstruck.

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The Radical Reshaping of Babcock Vineyards

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Since 2008, Bryan Babcock in the Sta. Rita Hills AVA of Santa Barbara County, Calif., has radicallyreshaped Babcock Vineyards using a new approach he calls “pedestular cane suspension” (PCS), which has reduced vineyard costs by 25%. Babcock coined the term “pedestular” to note the innovative use of metal pedestals that support and contain the vine’s fruiting canes and support the subsequent crop. Read more.





Montecito Wine Makers

Montecito Journal

Situated on the western side of the Santa Ynez Valley, just nine miles past Buellton and tucked off Highway 246 down a long drive, is Babcock Vineyards. Established in 1978, Mona and Walter Babcock purchased the 110-acre property, planted 20 acres of grapes including Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay, and yielded a first vintage in 1983. Read more



KEYS 2 THE COAST: Cheers to Lompoc, Babcock Winery and a glass half full

Lompoc Record

"Ohhh, and the wine. It’s just superb. It’s not that often that you go in for a wine tasting and genuinely enjoy every single varietal poured. At Babcock, every offering is fantastic. Yes, it is that good.
Keys 2 the Coast has recommended Babcock Winery and Vineyards as a favorite place to wine, dine and explore with friends. As mentioned, you can spend hours browsing, sitting on the patio, sipping their wines or even playing pool. And a variety of games are at the ready if you are, including cards, chess, or checkers. Do yourself a favor and order a glass, or better yet, a bottle of the 2011 Slice of Heaven Pinot Noir. You will experience notes of raspberries and strawberries." Read more.


A Journey Through the Santa Rita Hills

In search of some great Pinot Noir’s and Chardonnays.

Wine & Food Explorer

Babcock’s current focus is on their concept of “revolutionary farming” in which Bryan has challenged the way wine is grown by raising the height of the vines to eye level and pioneering a whole new way of shading grapes. The tasting room is housed in a warehouse and offers an eclectic mix of stage props, vintage furniture and novelties. The vibe here is a mix of the TV show Mad Men, your grandmother’s house and a rock concert all thrown into a blender and served willingly by tattooed sommeliers. Read more.




Santa Barbara News Press

If necessity is the mother of invention, then winemaker Bryan Babcock may be mother's little helper. After more than five years of experimentation and plenty of trial-and-error, the celebrated Lompoc-based winemaker is touting a new way of farming wine grapes. It's a series of practices and gadgets for which federal patents are pending. Read more.



Layers of Land

Santa Barbara Magazine

Today, most of the early players remain, the industry is booming, and – with dozens of wine grape varieties thriving – diversity is Santa Barbara’s calling card. Brooks Firestone calls it “an American success story.” And as a new wave of young entrepreneurs rolls in, the same attitude of innovation prevails. “We have all the raw materials,” says winemaker Bryan Babcock, whose family bought land in the Sta. Rita Hills in 1978. “Now we must push the envelope, take everything to the next dimension and stay open-minded to our ultimate potential.” Read more.




Bryan Babcock’s Farming Revolution

The 20-Year Veteran of Sta. Rita Hills Introduces New Vineyard Techniques and Homegrown Clone

Santa Barbara Independent 

In 1984, about six years after his parents had purchased and planted a variety of wine grapes on a 110-acre property on Highway 246 in the heart of what would become the Sta. Rita Hills appellation, Bryan Babcock took a break from getting his master’s degree in enology at UC Davis to work on the family ranch. “I started crushing grapes and forgot about school,” explained Babcock earlier this year, while driving around his 65 acres of vineyard planted mostly to pinot noir. “I’ve been making wine ever since.” Read more.


Luxe for Less

A honeymoon doesn’t have to break the bank.

The Knot Magazine “ . . .Babcock for single-vineyard chardonnays ..”

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Young but Mature : Babcock Wines Bear Out the Promise They Showed in '87

Los Angeles Times Magazine

FROM SMALL Babcock Vineyards comes big taste. I encountered Babcock Vineyards at the American Wine Expo in Dallas in 1987. The wines were excellent, as they are still. I keenly awaited the Babcock Gewurztraminer at the Dallas tasting. I held out my glass to the young man behind the counter, then swirled the wine and inhaled the exotic bouquet. Read more.

Read the original 1989 print.

Mission to Mission

AAA Westways Magazine

Bring your own lunch to the picnic tables at Babcock Winery in Lompoc or order from its menu. . . Enjoy a glass of Ocean's Ghost Pinot Noir and check out the sprawling boutique . . . 

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2017 Love Among the Ruins, Grenache
93 points
2017 Ocean's Ghost, Pinot Noir
93 points
2017 Slice of Heaven, Pinot Noir
92 points
2018 Galvanized Synergy, New Genre White
91 points
2017 Pinot Noir, Sta. Rita Hills
90 points
2015 Simpatico, Sauvignon Blanc   Sold Out 92 points
2015 Top Cream, Chardonnay   Sold Out 93 points
2014 Slice of Heaven   Sold Out 94 points
2014 Pinot Noir, Sta. Rita Hills  Shop This Wine 92 points
2014 Upper Crust, Syrah   Shop This Wine 92 points
2014 Ocean's Ghost, Pinot Noir   Sold Out 93 points
2014 Deja Vu, Pinot Noir   Sold Out 93 points


2012 Radical, Pinot Noir   Shop This Wine

2012 Top Cream, Chardonnay   Shop This Wine

2012 Appellation's Edge, Pinot Noir   Shop This Wine

2013 The Limit, Chardonnay

94 points

94 points

93 points

92 points

2011 Slice of Heaven, Pinot Noir   Sold Out

2011 Psi Clone, Pinot Noir   Sold Out

2011 Precocious, Pinot Noir   Sold Out

2011 Déjà Vu, Pinot Noir   Sold Out

92 points

92 points

91 points

91 points

2010 PSI Clone, Pinot Noir​   Sold Out

2010 Déjá Vu, Pinot Noir   Sold Out

2010 Slice Of Heaven, Pinot Noir   Sold Out

2010 Microcosm, Pinot Noir   Sold Out

93 points

91 points

91 points

90 points



2011 Slice of Heaven, Pinot Noir   Sold Out

2011 Sta. Rita Hills, Pinot Noir   Sold Out

90 points

90 points

2010 Slice Of Heaven, Pinot Noir   Sold Out

2010 Déjà Vu, Pinot Noir   Sold Out

2010 Top Cream, Chardonnay   Sold Out

2010 The Mentor, Chardonnay   Sold Out

2010 Naughty Little Hillsides, Pinot Gris   Sold Out

2009  Microcosm, Pinot Noir    Sold Out   {See Review}

2009 Upper Crust, Syrah   Sold Out

2009 Ocean's Ghost, Pinot Noir   Sold Out

2009 Top Cream, Chardonnay   Sold Out

2009 Precocious, Pinot Noir   Sold Out

2007 Nucleus, Cabernet Sauvignon   Sold Out

2007 The Loin, Cabernet Sauvignon   Sold Out

92 points

90 points

90 points

90 points

90 points

96 points

94 points

93 points

93 points

92 points

92 points

90 points