The Soulstruck Vintage Story 


I’m Bryan’s wife Lisa, among many other things. I’m the quirky mind behind the labels, the furnishings, & tchotchke laden landscape of Babcock Winery. If you like it, great! Please keep coming for more, as it is constantly evolving.

My father flew commercial planes as a flight engineer for many years. Both of my parents were spirited, adventurous, & open minded.  I grew up traveling the world with them, living overseas during my formative years. We traveled a ton, and I learned to appreciate other cultures, art, music & design from a young age.

My parents valued the variety & spice of other cultures, so we went to many museums, iconic sites, & open markets all over the world, appreciating beauty in so many things, & so many people. As a result, I have grown to love open markets & the search for one of a kind items that inspire. Not only do I relish the quest in these often quirky & colorful environments, but I absolutely love the personal, & equally colorful connections made with others in the process.

I’ve been fortunate to have had a wonderful career in the fashion industry for 35 years, learning & growing as a merchant, mentor & manager.  In 2012, I decided to help Bryan with the winery with more than just our packaging.  I had a brainstorm to turn our warehouse into a tasting room, & began a journey of picking up an eclectic array of vintage items to serve as a backdrop for my husband's incredible wine. I wanted an inviting & casual environment that was one of a kind, something that would draw people in, encourage them to slow down, & stop and smell the roses.

Years later, I continue to build upon the theme with a vast array of vintage to amuse, entertain, stimulate curiosity & build connection.  I hope to inspire people to think about the beauty of design, literature, & music, the endless work, and labors of love of so many that came before us. Within our walls you will find treasures, & unusual finds, that may transport you back in time to recall memories and fabulous moments & trends from years ago.  If you're on the younger side, you have the opportunity to scan the beauty, charm, & vibrancy of decades past.

In the end, my message that hopefully resonates throughout, is to

savor the past


live in the present.

I encourage you to look at the bright side & appreciate who and what is around you.


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