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2017 Chardonnay "The Limit"
2018 Vintage Available Spring 2020

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Ever since the first vintage, the fruit produced by the magnificent Block 31 at the Radian Vineyard has been ethereal. I have always given it “The Limit” moniker because I cannot conceive a way to stuff more terroir into a bottle of Chardonnay other than by simply bottling that which Block 31’s scraggly little vines produce. With its distinctive bomb-like fruit out of the gates, this Limit is, once again, an expression of big textured liquid energy. This vintage incorporates a more complete presentation of oak from my favorite cooper, Gerome Fouailly, who I believe makes some of the tastiest barrels in Burgundy. The resulting interplay of toasty vanilla with yeast is epic. This cuvee has always pushed out the limits of sophistication and hedonistic pleasure. How far can these things be pushed while still having them unite? Perhaps this 2017 vintage holds the answer.


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100% Chardonnay, Radian Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills