2017 vintage to be released Spring 2019" />
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2016 Chardonnay "The Limit"

2017 vintage to be released Spring 2019

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In my wine notes last fall for the 2016 Top Cream Chardonnay, I couldn’t wait to tell the world how great that wine was at its release (and it’s still great, no doubt one of the best chardonnays I have ever made). But festering in the recesses of my consciousness at that time was the yet-to-be released 2016 Limit, looming like a premonition of an impending organoleptic earth quake. Since vintage one, the Chardonnay produced by the magnificent Block 31 at the Radian Vineyard has pushed the envelope. I have always given it “The Limit” moniker because I cannot conceive a way to stuff more terroir into a bottle of wine, than by simply bottling that which its scraggly little vines produce. Right now, I would say give this Limit another year in the bottle to let its acidity resolve, and to let its succulence rise to the top. Or, drink it now if you want to know what it’s like to drink big, fat, liquid energy. This cuvee has always pushed out to the limits of sophistication and hedonistic pleasure. How far can these things be pushed while still having them unite? This 2016 vintage may hold the answer.


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100% Chardonnay, Radian Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills