2014 Pinot Noir "Ocean's Ghost"

$ 60.00

Estate Grown, Sta. Rita Hills

Winemaker's Notes:

One thing my new farming does is to help ripening clusters of Pinot Noir find just the right amount of direct sunshine in September and October. We have a term that describes the fruit as it vibrates in the daily breeze in and out of the sunlight and the shade that is provided by my newly structured vines. We call it "the dance". In tasting this latest release of Ocean's Ghost Pinot, I'd say the dance in 2014 must have been like a combination of classical ballet with some primal elements of sexy hip hop as well. In Slice Of Heaven's finish, the succulent flavors are brush stroked across one's palate onto fine tannins, giving it a bit of a dusty finish. With the Ocean's Ghost, the grapy, cheery candy succulence never stops. It goes right onto the palate and then camps out with some clove and thyme spice for days. Two great Pinots from two great vineyards, made exactly the same way. What makes the difference? Their soils.

100% Pinot Noir, Estate Grown, Sta. Rita Hills