2015 Pinot Noir "Ocean's Ghost"

$ 60.00

Estate Grown, Sta. Rita Hills

Winemaker's Notes:

Ocean’s Ghost is the Terroir Extraordinaire Pinot Noir that I grow. Thus, for a winemaker who states that volume and flavor are the two most important themes in his winemaking, achieving them in a wine like this is pretty much a duty.*  In fact, when I am setting the course for the farming of this wine each year, this is exactly what I am thinking, ‘How do we crank up the fruit and the terroir as much as possible, and still have it be in balance?’ The answer at this point is my Revolutionary Farming. It’s the raised platform, it’s Pedestular Cane Suspension, it’s Individual Vine Architecture, it’s patience which equals ripeness, and, after 35 years of study, it’s still a lot of seat of the pants decision making that you can’t be afraid to make.  This 2015 bottling of the Ghost is stunning. It’s not over the top by any means, but it is does have a very sneaky girth. I think for it to really show well, you should give it a year or two in the bottle. It’s rich enough to enjoy now, but I sense a pent up energy in this wine, and when it does come out of its cage in a year or two, the Ghost is going to sing.  *Note; Balance is an important theme as well, but without amplification and flavor, there’s nothing to balance

100% Pinot Noir, Estate Grown, Sta. Rita Hills