2014 Bright Fortune Cabernet Franc

$ 25.00

Winemaker's Notes:

Inside each bottle of Bright Fortune is the promise and the mojo of a variety that I love, Cabernet Franc. Twenty years ago, I thought it was going to become Santa Barbara's next "It Grape". My fascination led me to invest a great deal of time and energy, and the first few wines I made were beautiful. Then, in one vineyard after the next, the viticultural horse that I was betting on started to collapse. As it turned out, the shallow rocky soils in the hot interior of Santa Ynez proved to be too harsh for Cabernet Franc, especially if it has so much as a trace of virus in its system. But today, there is a small new breed of grower out there who believes that no challenge is too big, and they have replanted some (hopefully virus free) Cabernet Franc, thereby fulfilling the Bright Fortune that I once again believe is in store for this wonderful grape on the Central Coast.


On the outside of each bottle is Lisa's expression of this journey. Her message is embrace the kinds of things that have brought Cabernet Franc back to its full potential; be grateful, be optimistic, be perseverant, be in the moment. 

Don't be afraid to let life take you where it wants to take you, and don't be afraid to let this wine be your fortune cookie in that process.

We have 30 different fortune labels available. What will your Bright Fortune be?