2016 "Identity Crisis" Grenache

$ 20.00

Santa Barbara County

Winemaker's Notes:


Amazing. His story is right there on the label! What are the odds that Identity Crisis would be torn away from his mother’s skins moments after harvest and still turn out to be such a great kid?  While still in therapy, he's got to be one of the best winemaking stories of the year.  In the bottle he is blond with a golden summer tan, his nose is a cross between Pippin apple and lightly ripe peach, crisp Mountain Dew-like lemon-lime flavors dance on his palate, he is lean on the one hand, but finishes with a succulence that would make the mother of any noble grape variety  proud. While he will never be red, he is starting to feel confident in the glass. All he needs is to be introduced to a few good looking corkscrews,  and he will be just fine.

100% Grenache, Santa Barbara County