2016 New Genre Blend "Soulstruck Galvanized Synergy" Magnums Only

$ 65.00

Winemaker Notes:
New World winemakers have become preoccupied with blends of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre, to the point where “GSM” is now a paradigm unto itself. While our Grenache has taken a quantum leap, and our Syrah has been stunning since day one, we’ve yet to find a Mourvedre in Santa Barbara County that we thought would lead to any galvanizing effects whatsoever. Fortunately, there is another, more enigmatic variety that we sort of stumbled over a couple years ago. After planting square miles of the stuff in the French Languedoc, they are now tearing it out left and right in favor of more “ameliorating” varieties. For us, however, in a weird twist of alchemistic fate, this variety, Carignan, is playing the role of a sublime catalyst, and our new blending genre, the “GSC”, has arrived. 47% Grenache, 13% Syrah, 40% Carignan.
On the eve of its release, this cuvee offers a tense vin nouveau Bing Cheery in the nose along with a bit of an herbal, graphite-like cassis. By summer, it should be pretty seductive stuff that might be really good with a slight chill on it as well. Find a pool; try it out. If we had to target a meat at this point, probably juicy pork chops would do the trick.