New Genre White
"Galvanized Synergy"

$ 30.00

Santa Barbara County

Winemaker Notes:
This 2018 Galvanized Synergy is a dreamy blend of two white Rhone varieties, Grenache Blanc and Clairette. Due to the rarity of Clairette, this is no doubt the only blend of its kind in the new world. Even among French producers who choose to bottle authentic blends of all of the whites on the classic Chateauneuf-du-Pape list, (Clairette, Bourboulenc, Grenache Blanc, Picardan, Picpoul, and Roussanne), a blend of just these two particular grapes would be a unique find.

I have been working with Grenache Blanc for a few years now, and I love its varietal expression. The Clairette is coming out of the Martian Vineyard, known for growing a few weird varieties over on Alisos Canyon Road outside of Los Alamos, and from the new Santa Ynez Vineyard, which is the most easterly vineyard in Happy Canyon. I’ve only had a couple years with this variety and I am still trying to understand its demeanor. In 2017 it was very aromatic and fruity. In 2018 it made a wine that had the most beautiful, viscous texture that I had ever felt mingling on my tongue. It was that texture that prompted me to marry it with the aromatic fruit in my Grenache Blanc. Currently the wine is an absolute joy to drink.

Upon tasting this wine, you will understand why I am so thrilled with it. Not only is it delicious, it totally marches to a different beat. The beautiful flavors and mouthfeel are unlike any I have ever experienced, and the origin--at least the Clairette--is completely new to most of California winemaking. The aromas burst with green fruits including Asian pear and greengage plum, lime zest, and a bit of white peach. There is also a mesmerizing baked quality to it; think honeysuckle brioche. Pair it with Chicken Satay, Chinese 5-Spice Sea Bass, Tempura Shrimp, Lobster, Moroccan Tagine vegetables, Spiced Lamb, Pork Chops; you get the picture.

This fall, 2019, we will be receiving our first-ever Picpoul. French versions of this exciting variety tend to have very distinctive, nervy fruit, with ample acidity. My guess is that Picpoul will provide with me with yet another aromatic entity with which to build the next provocative synergy of flavors from white Rhone varieties. So, enjoy this one and stay tuned.

Vinification: 100% barrel and malolactic fermentation. Six months sur lie, sans battonage. 25% new Fouailly French oak, delicate toast.