2018 Petit Verdot, Rosé "Love Garden"

$ 18.00

Santa Barbara County

Winemaker Notes:

Even a guy like me can maintain an artistic spasm for only so long, and while my Eye Of The Beholder Rosé was a fascinating and intellectually rewarding project, it has recently given way to a return to, shall I say, normalcy. The 2017 Eye Of The Beholder, which we shipped back in February, will be the last of its kind, at least for the foreseeable future. To those of you who, like me, will miss the freak show, I apologize. For most of you, though, I sense a big sigh of relief as I inform you that my Rosé will no longer be all about the mud. Going forward, my Rosé will be all about the Love.

While this is not the first fruity, chill, pop & serve Rosé I have ever made, it is the first Rosé from Petit Verdot that I have ever made. Now that Petit Verdot has become the go-to grape in my FATHOM program, I have a pretty hefty delivery of the stuff coming each fall, so, this is something that could be duplicated. Let’s see how this one goes.

While the Petit Verdot did make very pretty Rosé, it wasn’t without its challenges. In the making of a Rosé, you want to squeeze hard enough on the red grapes to push out at least some pigment. If you don’t get enough pigment, you end up with white wine, or something that is like a muddled orange--been there, done that--so squeeze away, right? The only problem was our production trials showed us that with Petit Verdot, if you squeeze it too hard, you start to force out some seriously rough tannins, (the hallmark of this grape when it is made into a more typical red wine). The moral of the story: there’s a sweet spot. Find that spot and you get the pink and the fruit, and it feels good on the palate to boot.

This is the other Love Garden right now along with our new Sparkling Clairette. I am a bit biased, but I do think the labels that Lisa has created are the most beautiful things in the wine business. How do you capture in two words a feeling for the atmosphere that she has created in the tasting room? Well, she’s done it. 

Varietal Composition: 100% Petit Verdot