2014 Late Harvest Pinot Gris "Naughty Little Nectar" 500ml

$ 20.00

Estate Grown, Sta. Rita Hills

Winemaker's Notes:

From raisiny little Pinot Gris berries that were picked so ripe, it's hard for me to comprehend how this wine turned out so razor sharp. Musky Bosc pear, dried basil and anise lift out of the nose. On the palate, the whopping 11 Brix (roughly 11%) sweetness is impeccably balanced by the acidity, leaving one to wonder if the residual sugar is really that high. It tastes more like 3% or 4%. The dance between sweetness and acidity is long, and for a late harvest wine, the whole thing seems almost slender, making it comparable to a tightly wound French Selection de Grains Nobles from Alsace. It's visually and aromatically surprising, impeccably balanced, and a bit hedonistic at the same time.

100% Pinot Gris, Estate Grown, Sta. Rita Hills